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ABC Illawarra

Program comes to Wollongong

Aunty Margo

Two years after coming off insulin

Exercise Right

Diabetes Stories

John Stanley - 2GB 3AW 4BC

I had a chat about the new doco with Dr Michael Mosley with John Stanley a couple of nights ago.

It starts at 1:27:00

PHAA Article

PHAA and SBS-TV recognise the work of ‘Too Deadly for Diabetes’ creator, Ray Kelly

Too Deadly Program Wentwest

View: Too Deadly Program Wentwest

A boy from the country riding high at the top of sports physiology!

Podcast on SBS Radio

Meet the Gomeroi health expert reversing disease and changing lives

Type 2 diabetes is the fastest growing disease in Australia but Indigenous exercise physiologist Ray Kelly believes it doesn’t have to be that way.

Australia's Health Revolution with Dr Michael Mosley

Ray was co-host alongside Dr Michael  Mosley, where they presented the research around reversal of type 2 diabetes and put 8 Australians through an 8 week lifestyle program. You won't believe the results!