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Ray Kelly Fitness is the home of fast, long-term weight loss. Our clients reach their goal weight because the program is easy to follow, fits into your lifestyle and is designed using the latest research!

Why choose us?
  • He has 33 years experience in the health industry.
  • He has a university degree in Exercise Science, a Masters degree in Teaching, a Bachelor in Research (Type 2 Diabetes) and is currently completing a PhD
  • Awarded Exercise Physiologist of the Year in 2019.
  • He has extensive experience working with individuals who have a range of medical conditions and physical limitations.
  • Travels the world attending the largest obesity and chronic disease conferences, discussing the latest findings with the leading obesity researchers.
  • Published author with 2 weight loss books and many articles within mainstream media.
  • Provides seminars for doctors, nurses and fitness professionals.
  • He has helped literally THOUSANDS of Australian lose weight.

If you would like to see the results from our primary program, 'Too Deadly For Diabetes' visit www.TooDeadlyForDiabetes.com.au

Our Programs


Our program lasts for 10 weeks and during that time the participants receive a meal plan, exercise program, education and motivation. Within our clinical program participants achieve weight loss between 12-17kg within the 10 weeks (goal of 10% starting body weight) and learn the skills to maintain that loss.
The program isn’t all about type 2 diabetes either. We cater for all weight related issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, PCOS and more.
Local Contribution
Whilst our program is research based and proven to work within community, it does so because we work in with those who understand the local issues and these adjustments are made to the program. Our goal is to have the individual and the community self-manage for the future so it is imperative that they have input into the program. In addition, Ray will contact local food providers and seek a discount for program participants as well as highlight local shopping strategies that bring the cost of fresh foods down. He will also visit local areas where exercise can be completed and shoot videos of specific workouts that can be done at not cost.
Outcomes Targeted
Whilst lowering their HbA1c will be our primary goal, there are a range of other indicators of success:
HbA1c <7% – Research has shown that current programs achieve this in less than 50% of patients. We will aim to achieve this in at least 75% of patients.
Weight loss of >10% initial body weight
Systolic blood pressure <140 and diastolic blood pressure <95
Reduction in medications
Education of patients to enhance self-management

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