The Story Behind RKF

Accredited Exercise Physiologist | Secondary PDHPE Teacher | Sports Scientist | Researcher | Author

Ray Kelly is one of Australia’s leading health professionals, with over 29 years’ experience in the health and sports industries. He is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and was recently awarded Exercise Physiologist of the Year in Australia. He has also graduated with a Master of Teaching (PDHPE) and a Bachelor of Research where he focused on the reversal of type 2 diabetes in the Indigenous community.

Within the fitness industry, he has had a great deal of success in the area of weight loss. He was employed as a trainer in the first 2 seasons of The Biggest Loser Australia, where he was given 1 contestant each year. He achieved a perfect record with both contestants winning the competition in consecutive years (Adro Sarnelli, 2006; Chris Garling, 2007).

He has also written 2 books on weight loss, titled “Winners Do What Losers Don’t” (New Holland, 2008), and “Full Plate, Less Weight” (New Holland, 2014). He has also had input into many publications.

Ray’s true passion is a chronic disease, and he travels the world each year attending the major obesity and chronic disease conferences in a bid to improve his knowledge. Over the years he has made friends with some of the world’s leading researchers and often uses these trips to pick their brains.

Currently, Ray runs programs online and in medical centers, working alongside doctors, nurses, endocrinologists, and allied health professionals to assist patients in improving their health. Ray also provides educational seminars for doctors, nurses, personal trainers, and other health professionals.

Ray’s other passion is a sport and he has been involved in athlete development within Institute of Sport programs for World Championship and Olympic competition (preparing athletes for 2 Olympics), and lectured at Level 1 and 2 coaching courses. He has worked with most of Australia’s top professional boxers, including many World Champions (including Anthony Mundine, Daniel Geale, Michael Katsidis, Chris John, Will Tomlinson, and Lenny Zappavigna). He has also worked on Fox8’s boxing reality TV show ‘The Contender’.


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